Light Viewing, Episode 2: How LEDtronics protects the masterpieces

Every museum and gallery relies on specific lighting techniques to properly showcase an artists’ work or a historical artifact. The lighting must be designed methodically to offer the best possible appearance to the guests without degradingthe article in any way. Historically museums and galleries have used incandescent light bulbs as means for illuminating their exhibits. However technology has progressed significantly since incandescent bulbs were introduced.

LEDtronics has been at the forefront of this innovation since well before the LED bulb made its debut in museums and galleries. LED technology offers a myriad of benefits for museums and galleries alike.

The LED bulb is far more efficient than conventional lighting technologies like incandescent. So efficient in fact that by using LED bulbs there is potential to cut energy costs in half. Maintenance is also a concern, as the constant swapping of spent bulbs is extremely time consuming and expensive. With 50,000 hours of rated life span, LEDtronics LED bulbs will save time and money.

Perhaps the biggest concern for museums and galleries is the protection of their exhibits. Many factors can lead to the damage or degradation of artwork, the most significant being lighting. Lighting is a contributing source of many damaging components such as heat and UV light. This heat, in conjunction with damaging UV rays has the potential to cause fading or other damage. In the past lighting designers have had to sacrifice luminosity for preservation, but not anymore. LED lighting produces half the heat of incandescent, and does not emit any UV radiation. LEDs also allow lighting designers to choose between a broad range of color temperatures, allowing them to more accurately portray the color of a piece.

LEDtronics has been involved in the retrofitting and implementation of LED lighting into museums across the US for many years. To find out we can provide you with a solid state lighting solution for your application, contact us today. LEDtronics, creating the future of light since 1983.

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