Light Viewing, Episode 1: What Makes Solid State LED the Best Lighting Solution Around?

Since long before the light bulb was ever in existence humans have relied on lighting as one of the necessary components of life. As time has progressed we have innovated new ways to meet the rapidly growing need for more light. For over 100 years we have utilized incandescent lamps to provide illumination for our daily lives. However this growing demand has necessitated an improvement to the technology and solid state LED has answered the call.

The United States is facing many unique and complex challenges, according to the Department of Energy, including “revitalizing our economy, strengthening our energy security, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” They go on to say that “solid state lighting is an emerging technology with the potential to address all three of these challenges.

LED itself is not a new technology, as they have been used for indicators and other small uses for many years. But using LEDs as sources of lighting is a relatively new concept, and the technology is progressing rapidly. Lighting currently consumes 13% of all energy in the United States. Solid state lighting promises ten times the efficiency of incandescent, and has the potential to reduce
lighting energy use by nearly one half. Higher efficiency equals less greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of 40 million cars being taken off the road, fewer power plants, and less dependency on natural resources. And with virtually no mercury content and no IR or UV radiation, LEDs are extremely environmentally friendly. All of this is great, and addresses the concerns of the nation and the environment…but what about the consumer?

We know that LED lighting consumes far less power than its counterparts, and with less consumption comes decreased energy bills. But the savings don’t stop there. LEDtronics products are rated for at least 50,000 hours of working light, requiring significantly less maintenance and hassle.

The initial investment of LED lighting is higher than some other technologies, but it is just that: an investment, but one that rewards with a significant ROI. By using solid state lighting technology you are investing in your business, the economy, and the world.

Find out how LEDtronics can provide a solid state lighting solution for you, contact us today. “LEDtronics, creating the future of light since 1983.”

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